Did you notice the cool repeating background behind the page? I know, it’s kind of hard to miss. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag and drop a color or bitmap onto the pasteboard (the gray area off the page) to add a bitmap background to your website. (Jim and Bob, I hope you notice how seamlessly my bitmaps tile!) I added an orange outline so you could see the bitmap. It’s not on the bitmap itself. I edited a color in the Color Editor and used Steve Ledger’s cool tip to Ctrl drag and drop the color swatch from the Color Editor and drop it onto the page. It is worth mentioning again that you can now preview a single web page or the entire website by clicking either of the two Export and Preview buttons on the Website Properties Infobar. Link Properties has its own link next to the Export and Preview buttons. If you can imagine it, you can probably link to it. Including a PDF or Microsoft Word document. Browse to the location of the file and it is automatically added to the site when you publish. It could be simpler but if it was I would probably be sitting in your chair and doing it for you (I would prefer you do this yourself however). Want to add a Flash movie or an MP4 file to your site. Just drag and drop the file onto the page. Designer Pro 6 creates the appropriate player to show the video. And Designer Pro 6 generates a preview image. Being a big time video director just got easier! If you copy an HTML snippet (such as a link to a YouTube video) to the clipboard, you can right click on the page, select Paste HTML Placeholder and in seconds, Designer Pro 6 will create preview image and player. I’m not sure about you, but for me I prefer this simple approach a lot more than all the hoops we had to jump through in Xtreme 5 Pro to accomplish the same thing. Your website can look like it was designed by a pro. Because for those of you who are busy making money and would rather let someone else do the designing, this is your lucky day. Xara Designer Pro 6 has a large group of professionally designed website templates which you can customize to fit your needs and to fit your identity. The Technical Template shown above is as handsome as it is practical. What a great way to present your product or service to the world. The Designs Gallery has lots of pro designed buttons, banners and more good things. Your comments, questions, suggestions and as always, your corrections are always appreciated. Use the send e-mail link below to send me your thoughts. Gary W. Priester First published in Xara Xone © Gary Priester 2010
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