In the past, you could opt to give new objects the most recent attributes. For example, if you applied a red linear fill to an object and had a blue outline, and if you opted to give new objects the most recent attributes, the next object you drew would have a red linear fill and a blue outline. This is now the default option, so if you prefer to assign your own attributes each time you create a new object, then un-check this box (highlighted in green in the above example). The screen capture utility (Utilities > Screen Capture) now has a useful time delay feature. This gives you time to set up your capture, for example, making a selection from a drop down menu) before the screen is captured. And you can also capture the mouse pointer, though this is not a new feature. There are two options now for previewing a website, Export and Preview Web Page and Export and Preview Website. So you can just preview your current page, or the whole site. This is a real time saver. The Website Properties fly out has an exciting and labor saving new feature Create Navigation Bar. We’ll explore this capability when we look at the enhanced website creation features. Right now I am just skipping around mentioning things that are new or have changed. The Page and Layers Gallery (last known as the Object Gallery, and before that the Layers Gallery) has been redesigned. There is a new S icon. This stands for Solo. If you press the S icon it shows only that layer or object. You can also drag down the S icons and in essence scroll though all the objects one at a time. Incredibly useful! You can also select edit individual object in a group. The Names Gallery has gone missing from the Infobar, but not gone altogether. If like me you miss it and cannot live without it, you can find it on the Button Palette. Hold down the Alt key and drag and drop it back into its rightful place among the other galleries. (Window > Control Bars... > Button Palette).
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