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The problem with many online website builders is that they are slow (especially if your internet connection isn’t super fast), and they don’t include the powerful photo and graphic design functions that are available in traditional computer software. The perfect answer is to create your website and documents on your computer with total design freedom, and combine that with the ability to edit them online from anywhere in the world,  on any device. There are of course CMS (Content Management System) solutions (WordPress is a popular example) which already allow website owners to update their website using just a web browser. But often we hear from web designers that they are finding their CMS over-complicated, slow and confusing to use. Well now Xara Web Designer 11 and Xara Designer Pro 11 offer an alternative known as Xara Online Designer that’s a lot simpler to use - and it updates the master .xar or .web file on your desktop too! Xara Online Designer is an ultra-simple way to view, edit and update the content of your Xara website or document using a web browser on any computer or tablet (including a Mac or Android tablet), from anywhere in the world, and to re-publish or save it. This is ideal for updating text (blogs, news and prices, for example) or replacing images and then re-publishing your website. What’s more, Xara Online Designer enables you to share documents and websites so that someone else can edit them. This is perfect for working with colleagues on the same website at the same time, on a collaborative project where live edits can be seen by anyone sharing the document, or for web designers to give controlled editing rights to their clients allowing them to edit text and replace images. This tutorial will focus on using Xara Online Designer to update your own website and republish it. (Next month, I will show you how to share documents and websites, and how to work collaboratively). The Xara Online Designer editor

Ultra-Fast Creation of Websites and Documents with Easy Online Editing