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Photo Editing Guide Part 3 - The Enhance Options
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Photo Enhance Tool

In the first part of our Guide to Photo Editing in Xara, we covered the basics of opening photos, zooming, sizing photos and saving, and a gave a brief summary of the Photo Enhance Tool. The second tutorial in the series gave a Summary of the Photo Tools on the Photo Tool fly- out menu. Note: This third tutorial in the series has been updated to include some new features in Photo & Graphic Designer (May 2016) and Designer Pro X (July 2016) 365 versions. We have also added more detail about the options in the Enhance Tool, the workhorse controls that are used in just about every photo edit. A quick reminder to start with: When you move over the camera icon on the main toolbar, you’ll see this fly-out menu of all the Photo tools. As you select each tool on the fly-out, the icon on the left toolbar will change to reflect the tool that has now become current. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the ‘Enhance Tool’ which is the camera icon on the fly-out, and the one selected by default. When you select the Enhance Tool the InfoBar at the top of the page will look like this: We have already shown you how to use the controls on the left end of the InfoBar (rotate, next & previous, etc.), so now we’ll focus on the center set of controls, which are collectively called the ‘Enhance Controls’. Remember that your photo must be selected for these settings to apply to that photo. You can use the Selector Tool, or a quicker more direct way if you’re currently using one of the Photo Tools is just to click on it. A selected photo will show resize handles around it. Each of the above controls can accept a numeric value in the field (just click and type the required number), or you can click the right arrow and drag the slider to see the adjustment being made to your photo. Drag the slider control or enter a numeric value

Whole or Part

You can apply any of these Enhance Controls to the whole image, or part. There are two main ways to enhance just a part of the image... 1. Use the Region Painter or Mask Painter tools to select or protect a part of your photo before you use the Enhance Tools. For example use the Region Painter to paint an area on your photo. After this, the Enhance options described below, will only apply to that area. Or... 2. Use the Color Select feature to adjust only certain colors in your photo. This control is on the end of the Enhance Tool InfoBar. Color Select is described in more detail at the end of this tutorial. These two methods of selecting parts of your image can be used in combination. For instance, you can use the Region Painter tool to select one flower within a photo, and then the Color Select to select the color, and then adjust it using the Hue control (described below).
Color Select Mode
Levels Histogram
Clip Enhance Clone & Magic Erase Effect Painter Healing Brush Plug-in  Live Effects Levels & White Balance Perspective Correction Red-eye Content Aware Resize Panorama EXIF data
Warm / Cold
Sharpen / Blur
Color Tint
The InfoBar at the top of the window shows the controls for the selected tool. In this case it’s showing the main photo enhance controls