thinking outside the box Photo Editing Basics, Part 3  Brightness Levels and Color Balance XARA TUTORIAL
We all strive to take the perfect photos but very often we manage to get the incorrect exposure resulting in our photo being too light or too dark. Often, a photo will look fine on the viewer in your camera but when you download it to your computer or into your photo gallery, the flaws reveal themselves. A common fault in photos is an incorrect white balance resulting in photos being too yellow, orange or blue.   In this tutorial we’re going to show you how easy it is to use photo editing tools that can help you to color correct your photos in Photo & Graphic Designer 2013 or Designer Pro X. If you don’t already own a copy you can simply download a free, fully working trial version and try it! Before you start you might want to refer to Part 1 & 2 of the tutorials in this photo editing series; Photo Editing Basics Part 1 is an intro to photo terminology and concepts, and you will find an intro to all of the photo tools in Photo Editing Basics Part 2
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The original image and the corrected image showing its histogram
1 2 3 Corrected image Original image