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Creating a Multi-Page Brochure for Print and the Web
To promote your products and services you have traditionally needed to create a brochure, output as PDF so you can print or distribute it, and also create a web page or two to display them on the web. Now, Xara has made it easier for you - the new Page & Layout Designer is the first DTP program that enables you to publish a perfectly accurate WYSIWYG web version of your print documents so you can share them easily without the need to create and distribute PDFs, and maybe even saving you the effort of a website! If you don’t already own a copy of Page & Layout Designer you can simply download a free, fully working trial version and this free template and images  and I’ll show you how easy it is to create a double sided flyer or multi-page brochure (like the one below) that you can save as a PDF and/or web document. And we’ll take the opportunity to introduce some of the new text and DTP features of v9. Of course everything we show you here can also be done in Xara Designer Pro X9. So, now let’s start the tutorial!
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