Halloween is now the second most commercially successful festival world-wide after Christmas. With over $3 billion spent on costumes, over $1 billion pumpkins sold and over $35 million Halloween cards grossing $1 million sales in the US, maybe it's time for you to start producing your own? Although I am about to show you how to create an invite for a Halloween party, you can apply similar methods to create any poster, leaflet, invite or greetings card. All you need to create your own invite is a copy of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro. If you don't already own a copy you can download a free trial and we have also provided some Halloween clipart which you’ll find in the Designs Gallery folder, so you can create your own party invite by following these simple steps. You can find the xar file here, and below is the final poster:   Now let's go step-by-step through the process of creating the above example. © Xara Group 2011