To mark Gary’s retirement from the Xara Xone after 15 years, we have reproduced here one of the many tutorials that he has created for the Xone over the years.  It’s neither the easiest nor shortest but it’s a great image that involves many of Xara’s tools and techniques, so it will reward the time spent - and the Christmas holidays provide the perfect opportunity! This tutorial was created in Designer Pro 6 but applies equally to Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro V7. You can find many more tutorials by Gary on The Xara Xone, and if you are wondering where to start then Gary has recently made his own pick of his favorite tutorial images. Seth Thomas No. 2 Regulator Wall Clock, Part 1, by Gary Priester This tutorial will be presented in two parts: In the first part we’ll create the round wood clock face shown below (34 steps in all). The second half, in which we will create the bottom portion of the clock, can be found here. Some experience with Xara products or vector drawing applications is recommended. So, now let’s start the tutorial! © Gary W. Priester