Apply a Linear Mix transparency. Apply 2px of Feathering. Select the clock face and clone it (Ctrl k). Select the face and the two enveloped rectangles and Arrange > Combine Shapes > Intersect Shapes or press Ctrl 3. Select the brass bezel and bring it to the front (Ctrl f or Arrange > Bring to Front). And that completes the first half of the clock tutorial. You sharp eyed persons may notice that the SETH THOMAS text reappeared just in time. It was hidden behind the clock face. I switched to Outline View and discovered it trying to be part of the wallpaper! I am hopeful you have been less careless than I have been! But wait, it gets worse. The III and VIII went missing as well. I am happy to say they were hiding out with the Seth Thomas text. Those naughty, naughty objects!! Gary W. Priester First published in the Xara Xone in August 2011. You can find part 2 of this tutorial (where Gary adds a regulator to the bottom of the clock) here. © Gary W. Priester