When you have finished creating your website in Xara Designer Pro or Web Designer, the next step is to publish it on the Internet. You will need a web hosting company to host your website. Quite often your existing Internet service provider will include 'web space' as part of your normal subscription. Most companies also offer the ability to purchase your own domain name (e.g. like www.xara.com) and have this set to point to your web pages. MAGIX Online World (MOW) offers a free hosting solution that provides web space and your own domain name. All you need to do is to register at: https://www.xara.com/hosting/magix to receive 500 MB free web space (with an FTP account) and a personal web address (http://yourname.magix.net/public) for your website. You can upload your website to your free MAGIX web space (or to any other web hosting company) directly from the Publish tab in the Web Properties dialog in Xara Web Designer or Designer Pro. For MOW users, all you have to do to upload your website is choose the ‘Magix web hosting’ option from the Profile drop-down list to automatically enter the correct FTP host address of the MAGIX Online World FTP server (ftp.magix- online.com). Then enter your MAGIX Online World email address as your FTP username and your MAGIX password as your FTP password. And if you don’t use MOW, find out your FTP details (host address, username, password and full folder path that your web hosting company requires you to publish to) from your web hosting company and publishing your website is just as easy. So here are step-by-step instructions for publishing your website using either MAGIX Online World or your own web hosting company: Opening the Publish tab Step 1: Choose "File" > "Publish Website" or click Publish Properties in the website toolbar.   The Publish tab of the Web Properties dialog opens. The Publish tab of the Designer Pro Web Properties dialog with example MOW FTP details