Introduction  In this Special Edition Tutuorial, we’ll preview the new and dramatically improved Web Designer 6. This is a major upgrade and one that has something for everyone. The most obvious change is the all new simplified, high tech user interface and the news flyout menus. Xara has added drag and drop support for creating easy photo albums, or adding MP4 and Flash videos. And easy linking to PDF and Word DOC files. And are you ready for the new Navigation Bar tool? And there’s a lot more. You’re going to love Xara Web Designer 6! New Interface As you can see in the screen capture above, the interface has been redesigned and supports a very high tech looking appearance. All of the old tools are still there, but not all are immediately visible. Part of the interface redesign includes grouping many options and tools and moving them into fly out menus. The example above shows the Photo Tool flyout menu and the clipboard fly-out menu which includes icons for Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste in Place, and Paste Attributes. And remember, the ability to create a custom control bar still exists. So, if you would rather have Cut Copy and Paste in Place on the Standard Toolbar, you can create a custom control bar to suite your taste. Xara Web Designer 6 has two preview icons as shown above. You can now preview just the current page or preview the entire website. Website Properties has its own fly out menu shown above right. A new feature has been added that we’ll cover shortly, Create Navigation Bar. This new capability makes it so much easier to create a custom navigation bar and to have it appear on, and automatically link to each page in your site. Also greatly improved are the Publish Website options. We’ll look at these in depth a little later on. Shown above are the Arrange and Zoom Tool fly out menus. The end result of all these fly out menus, is a much cleaner work area. And yet most drop down menu functions are covered in the flyout menus.
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