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Here is the promised Part 2 of our Planes & Helicopters theme, following on from last month.  Clearly a Part 2 was required, because you couldn’t imagine a flying theme without the work of Graham Ward!  In truth this is a theme that has inspired so many Xara artists that it’s been difficult to contain it even within two issues, but here is our pick, we hope you enjoy them.  You might notice that we’ve added a Facebook like button to the top of this page. We’d invite all Facebook members to browse thru our back issues of Inspirational Art and give a thumbs up to your favorite issues.  
Graham Ward (Gray on TalkGraphics) Gray is quite simply the master of plane art. His beautiful images often incorporate ‘raster painting’ in the background, but the wireframes clearly show his expertise with Xara’s vector drawing tools. Probably no two people would have chosen the same selection from Gray’s many images on TalkGraphics, we recommend a browse thru all his posts. Westland Welkin (TalkGraphics)
Mohamed Elhlaly (Black Panther on TalkGraphics) Mohamed was our featured artist in the January issue of Inspirational Art. And if you’ve seen that you won’t be surprised to find that he has also turned his attention to planes and helicopters, including these images (making excellent use of Named Colors) from this thread on TalkGraphics.
Bill Dale We did say Planes and Helicopters didn’t we, so let’s make good on the second part of that promise. We love the work of Bill Dale. He is a professional designer, specialising in interior and exterior styling and illustration of transportation products - which you can clearly see from both these images below. You can see more of his work in his collection as Featured Artist on the Xara Xone.
Martin Baker MB3 (TalkGraphics)
Miles M52 (TalkGraphics)
An imagining of what the Armstrong Whitworth ‘flying wing’ might have looked like if built. (TalkGraphics)
Short Brothers’ Biplanes on coastal patrol (TalkGraphics)