As you know we normally do ‘themes’ in Inspirational Art - cartoons, flowers, watches, you name it we’ve done it.  But still that leaves many great images that haven’t found their theme, which we will attempt to put right during 2012 by occasionally featuring particular artists instead. You saw the work of Gary Priester last month, here is another designer with a collection of fine illustrations that we hope you will enjoy just as much.  Mohamed Elhlaly lives and works in Austria, not as a professional designer (though clearly at a professional level) and you can see more of his work in the Xara Gallery and in TalkGraphics, where he has posted as Black Panther. Pipe and Feathers This is one of Mohamed’s first posts on TalkGraphics, back in August 2009.  Check out the thread for more variations on the feather (540 shapes on 16 layers!). Michelin Man & Bike An imaginative combination of images, neither easy. Great chrome and tires, as we have seen elsewhere in Mohamed’s many car and bike images. You can find the TalkGraphics post here. Sanctuary Apparently based on a TV Show of that name, follow the thread to see the whole image including other pages. Petrol Pump Inspired by a post from another member of a parking meter, Mohamed reckons he ‘couldn’t stop drawing’ this petrol pump, so 15 hours later we had this image of a petrol pump.‘Not photo realistic’ as he says in the thread (and he’s not just referring to 25 cents a gallon!), you can work out something about how he did it from the wireframe in the thread. Old Diver Helmet Not just great illustration skills but an interesting, imaginative drawing too.  You can see the wireframe and the goldfish bowl drawing that the goldfish came from in the original TalkGraphics thread here. WALL.E & Eve From the movie, in case you are wondering. Some debate about the shadows but generally a thumbs up from the audience on TalkGraphics. Hot Rod Browsing thru some of Mohamed’s car images I realise that we must soon have another car theme in the Outsider art. Two years since the last one - I think it’s allowed!  Here’s a taster from Mohamed -  5 days work, 28 layers! Posted on TalkGraphics here.