There is something particularly inspiring about waterside settings and so it’s no surprise to see this theme feature in the work of some of the most
imaginative and creative Xara artists. 
Tim Seward (TimS on TalkGraphics)
We first featured the beautiful, atmospheric artwork of Tim Seward in the February 09 Inspirational Art, but if you’d like to see a larger selection of
his art you can view his portfolio at which includes this ‘Simple Scenic’ image.
Page created with Xara Xtreme 5
Roger Cotgreave (Tao Jones on TalkGraphics)
Roger also has a portfolio on but this image called Lakeside comes from TalkGraphics and perfectly demonstrates his ability to create a
‘watercolor’ feel using Xtreme.
And this second image from Roger, called simply Clouds or Watersky, was also first shown in this thread in TalkGraphics (Roger’s skies are in Australia,
they don’t happen like that in London!). 
Valery Kouleshov
We’ve shown some awesome images from Valery in Inspirational Art before (you can browse through back isssues here) but this is one we’ve never
shown and you may not have seen, ‘Flowers in water’ from his portfolio.
John (Neodeist on TalkGraphics)
And one final image from this TalkGraphics thread created by Neodeist, a newcomer to Inspirational Art. Though titled a ‘ sunrise... somewhere’ he’s
willing to accept it might be ‘moonrise’, but in either case started life as a ‘doodling’ exercise with the feathering.