I read an interesting news story today which mentioned in passing that Xara is an Arabic word meaning blossoming flower. I have no idea if that’s
true but it instantly determined which Inspirational Art we’d feature this month. Certainly it’s a subject that seems to stimulate the creativity of some
of the most talented Xara artists. Here then is just a small selection of the amazing variety of artwork created in Xtreme on a theme of flowers.
Tim Seward
Tim has produced some of the most beautiful Xtreme images we’ve seen, a master at creating the ‘feel’ of a piece rather than simply replicating
what is seen. We haven’t shown any of his work before, and it’s been tough to pick just two, Green Vase and Still Life, but if you’d like to see more
then check out his selection as Featured Artist at the Xara Xone.
Newton Florentino
This dramatic Bird of Paradise is by Newton Florentino, the same artist who
created the lion in our Sept 08 Inspirational Art.
Derek Cooper
Derek (aka Masque on TalkGraphics) had several stunning images in a previous
flower flavored Inspirational Art, here’s two more that we hadn’t seen last time -
Bind weed and Drooping tulip.
These come from a display of Derek’s work in the Xara Gallery at graphics.com
Brian Etherington
One final image from an artist we haven’t featured before, this is Lotus by Brian Etherington. You can see more in this impressionistic style from
Brian in his collection at graphics.com
If you have enjoyed these images then don’t miss our previous flower themed Inspirational Art in the June 2007 Outsider.