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Step six To preview your animation in a browser click the ‘Preview Flash animation in browser’ button. If you are happy with your animation, click the ‘Export Animated Flash button’. Then click on Options and in the section Area to save select ‘Page’. Here is the above animation, with a couple more key frames. The finished animation is a mere 4.13K. Tips For those familiar with the animated GIF features of Xara, the whole process will be very familiar. The difference is that with Flash files Xara can automatically create all the tween steps, to produce smoother and much more compact animations than animated GIFs can offer. Note: objects that you want to animate from one frame to another need to have a name. All other objects will remain visible, but static, for the display period of the frame until the next key frame. So to delete an object from an animation, just delete it on the first key frame on which you no longer need it to appear. Examples and help For full help on creating a Flash animation in Xara, check the help guide. When the help guide is open select Flash Animation under the Contents tab to view a list of Flash help topics. To see some great examples of what can be achieved with Xara, open the Designs gallery > Examples folder. Plus for to see what other people are creating, and to get help and advice if you need it, check out the Xara Flash forum at TalkGraphics.com.