Vector Feather
Vector feathering was pioneered by Xara and is the most commonly used type of feathering.  Unlike bitmap feathering, vector feathering is truly
resolution independent (this will be discussed in the Uses of bitmap feathering section).
It is extremely simple to feather an object in Xara. Simply select the object(s) and use the feathering slider on the standard toolbar, shown in Figure
2.1, to increase the amount of vector feathering applied, in real time. It takes just one click to apply feathering to a selected object.
Feathers (bitmap or vector) can be profiled in a similar fashion to fills and transparencies.  Once a feather has been applied, click on the profile button
to the immediate right of the feather slider to reveal the profile dialogue (Figure 2.2).
Figure 2.1. To feather an object, simply select it, and use the feathering slider on the main toolbar to apply feathering in real time.
Figure 2.2. Feathers can be profiled using the profile dialogue.