© Xara Group 2010 Welcome to our beginner's guide to Flash animations. This tutorial works with Xtreme 5, Xtreme Pro 5, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 and 7, Designer Pro 6 and 7, and Web Designer 5 and 6 and Web Designer Premium 7. Xara's approach Xara takes a traditional animator's approach to Flash animation. You create key frames (or 'snap-shots') of your animation through time, and Xara  automatically creates all the in-between frames for you. Xara does not have timelines (which is the approach used by the Adobe Flash authoring tool). We feel our approach is far simpler. The six core tween transformations The Flash format does not support some of the advanced effects that Xara offers, for example complex graduated transparency, feathering, bevels and most of the advanced color fill types. However it does support a range of effects that include simple transparency. In order to keep Flash files very compact, the types of shape tweening supported by Flash that can be used between key frames is limited to six core transforms: Your first animation In your animation you are likely to have some objects that remain static between key frames (i.e. no tweening is necessary) and other objects you will want to animate. To tell Xara which objects you want to animate it's necessary to give each object a name, which is simply done via the ‘Apply, remove or inspect names of objects’ button on the Selector Tool InfoBar. And this is the resulting animation