thinking outside the box A First Look at Xara Designer Pro X & Photo & Graphic Designer MX 2013 XARA TUTORIAL
Note: This Special Edition Tutorial has been reproduced with the kind permission of Gary Priester, first published as a Guest Tutorial on The Xara Xone, home to a mountain of great tutorials, tips, free stuff and more! Introduction Xara has just released the next versions of Designer Pro and Xara Photo & Graphic Designer: Xara Designer Pro X and Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX 2013 the lite version. Click here to see a features comparison list. I would opt for the latter. In addition to all the new features found in Xara Web Designer MX Premium (read my review here), many of which I recap in this review, there are some really exciting new, much requested features that you have been begging for, such as an Eraser Tool, a Shape Builder Tool  (think paint brush), and a very, very powerful Color Select/Erase Tool (the answer to the question, do I get rid of the white background? but oh such much more than that!) We look at these tools in a few moments but first, lets look at what else is new. Sit down and pay attention. We have a lot to cover.
© Gary W. Priester
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