Note: This Special Edition Tutorial has been reproduced with the kind permission of Gary Priester, first published on The Xara Xone. Introduction In this Special Edition Tutorial, we will look at the long awaited release of Xara Designer Pro 7. Xara Designer Pro 7 has some really awesome new features. (The first of which you will see when you go to the next page). If you are familiar with new Web Designer 7 Premium then you already know about Designer 7 Pro’s new website and website presentation capabilities. There are some exciting new additions on the non-web design side too. I’ll cover these features and for the benefit of you who decided to bypass Web Designer 7 and wait for Designer Pro 7, I’ll cover all the new website and presentations features as well. In this issue, I will feature Xara Designer Pro 7. There is also a lite version, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7. Click here to see a features comparison list. © Gary Priester