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Photo Editing Guide Part 4 - Changing Colors in Photos
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There are times when you might want to change the color or adjust some part of your photo, for example to adjust the brightness or blueness of the blue sky, or you may wish to change the color of a flower, without affecting other parts of the picture. Note: This tutorial has been updated to cover Photo & Graphic Designer (May 2016) and Designer Pro X (July 2016) 365 versions. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro have a fast and easy way of doing ‘select by color’.  You can simply click on the color you want to select, and now use any of the Photo Enhance adjustment options to adjust only that color. You can adjust the brightness, saturation and re-color options, amongst others (see our previous tutorial about the Photo Enhance options). Normally this color-select method will include all pixels in a photo that are the selected color (or tone of that color but you can adjust this). If you want to restrict the selection to just a given region of the photo, you can use the Region and Mask tools before you select the color to limit the area. Download the trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Xara Designer Pro, and I will show you how easy it is to change colors of parts of your photo like this… With a few clicks you can re-color items in your photos. Open up Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro X and then drag a photo onto the page. In the Photo Enhance Tool  there’s a Color-Select icon on the right end of the InfoBar. The right end of the Photo Enhance Tool InfoBar has the color-select control. After selecting this control, all subsequent clicks will select the color you click on. You will initially see a checker-board flash that indicates the region being selected. Below, I have clicked on the orange color of the car. One color-select control point is placed on the image and the average color of the pixels under the selection, ie. within the red circle is now selected. The size of the circular control point can be adjusted by dragging any of the 4 arrows surrounding the control point. The selected orange color that I wish to change If I hold or drag the color-select handle, the selection is shown with a checkerboard pattern. In the following image you can see most of the orange is selected, but the paler and darker shades are not selected (no checkerboard). The color selection showing that  most of the orange is selected, but the paler and darker shades are not selected (areas where there is no checkerboard).  
Color Select Mode
Levels Histogram