When travelling, we all like to send greetings and news to our family and friends but the cost of the postcards and stamps can be expensive and even if you send them, they often reach the recipient after you have returned. Many travellers take their notebook computer with them on their travels or have access to a friend's computer and this provides a perfect way to send a personalized holiday postcard. (You can even create one upon your return!). A postcard with multiple pictures can also be used throughout the year to send news to your friends or you can use this method to create a montage of photos for a picture frame. To create a great personalized postcard easily and quickly all you need is Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro. If you own Designer Pro (or Photo & Graphic Designer + Web Designer) then you can go a step further and place postcards produced this way on your web page with pop up pictures. If you don’t already own any of these, download the free trial version of Photo & Graphic Designer and give it a go! Here’s the postcard that I’m going to create in this tutorial using Designer Pro 7. So, now let’s start the tutorial! © Xara Group Limited