Gary Bouton, Xtreme artist and author of many popular software guides, is working on a new book about Xara Xtreme (Xara Xtreme: The Official Guide),
to be published by McGraw Hill in the fall.
Six full color pages have been reserved in the book for the winners of our contest. 
And The Judges Are...
Gary Bouton
Gary David Bouton enjoys sharing what he has learned. With over 20 books to his credit, Gary has documented a wide range of graphics applications and
techniques, including video editing and special effects, photo retouching, 3D modeling, and illustration. The author has been a Xara user since it was
first released, and is one of the few applications he uses daily for a multitude of creative and often bizarre purposes.
The Xara Xtreme 5 Official Guide will be supported at, where you'll also find several bonus files created by Gary for use in Xara.
Gary Priester
Gary W. Priester worked for 15 years as a print and TV advertising art director. Priester and his wife Mary Carter were principals in The Black Point
Group, a graphic design firm in San Francisco for 12 years. Priester is the host of The Xara Xone and long time Xara aficionado. He is the author of five
books including three books of 3D Stereograms, CorelDRAW Studio Techniques, and Looking Good in Color.
Dan Will-Harris
MoMA calls Daniel Will-Harris "a computer graphics pioneer," and his work "truly unique." His wristwatch design called Reveal is featured in the MoMA
store and catalog. He invented the EsperFonto system which created a new paradigm in typeface selection. He has designed award-winning books and
book covers for major publishers, visual systems for the entertainment industry and identities for restaurants listed among the top 50 in the country. He
has written and edited seven best-selling books, as well as international design publications. He is currently at work writing and designing his second
book of short stories, and producing a web comedy show called "Kinda Like That." See his site at
Chris Dickman
After 22 years, Chris Dickman remains a hard-core Windows user. Remembered by some as an early champion of CorelDRAW and founder of in 1995, the first large-scale community graphics site, he launched the i/us graphics site in 1997, which hosted the first Xara Xone and
sold Xara as an electronic download. The discussion forum on i/us later became the foundation of the thriving community at These
days you can find Chris over at, a site he founded in 2002.
Charles Moir
Founder of Xara, chief architect of Xara Xtreme. Enough said!
Xara Xtreme: The Official Guide
The artwork you see here represents the finished tutorial files you’ll work with in Xara Xtreme 5: The Official Guide. The
book is a departure from guides that essentially rework the application’s Help file; you’ll see how to create both
commercial and fine art using Xara and more importantly, how to develop techniques that displays your own style of
artistic expression. Gary is busy documenting “looks” in the Guide, ranging from the ultra-sleek photorealistic
treatments, to hard-edge poster work, to soft and fanciful hand-rendered cartooning…and everything in-between!
When you finish a tutorial in The Official Guide, you’ll understand not only how to create an effect such as a reflection,
but why objects reflect, how viewpoint alters the effects, and ultimately through example, you’ll know how to build
reflections, shading, and other traditional embellishments in a work of your own.
The book is about fishing, not always being handed a fish.