thinking outside the box Art Mix 12 INSPIRATIONAL ART
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As promised, here is part 2 of our selection of recent highlights from the Xara Art Gallery forum on Talkgraphics, all images posted in the last few months while we were busy with the V11 launches and didn’t publish Inspirational Art. You can see Part 1 by simply selecting August 2015 from the drop down menu above (indeed you can browse thru all back issues going back to April 2006!)  
Jay McLennon (Jay MC on TalkGraphics) A great piece of cartoon art from Jay, showing some of his steps as bonus.  You can follow the thread here and you can see some more images from Jay in earlier editions of Inspirational Art - simply select from the drop down list at the top of this page (see for example March 2011).
Gary Priester Gary is famous for his stereograms of course, but for this one he has made great creative use of one of the new features of Photo & Graphic Designer 11 / Designer Pro 11 - namely the new spiral Smart Shape (which you can find the spiral in the Smart Shapes folder in the Designs Gallery or simply use the menu Insert > Shape).  You should be able to see two spirals in this stereogram (apparently the trick is to look at it as if you are looking thru a window at an image in the distance, eventually the hidden image should emerge…) You can see the thread here, and for more stereograms from Gary see the December 2007 and December 2011 editions of Inspirational Art.
Igor Vojtela (Igor1 on TalkGraphics) If you haven’t seen any of Igor’s popular threads in the Xara Art Gallery forum then you are missing a treat. His imagination is apparently bottomless and he knows how to make the most of Designer Pro too! Here is just a small selection of images from one of his ongoing threads ‘Life in a Square’, but take a look at the thread to see them all, you can find it here. 
That’s it for this month. If you have enjoyed these images then all Likes, Shares, +1s, re-tweets etc are most welcome!
Fish or bunnies. Seems like some people can easily see the fish but not the bunnies, or vice versa!  Post 26
Square twins, post 19.
Two birds in a square, bald eagle and parrot, post 28.
Non-life in a square, big fish in a small square and the most recent addition ‘pure vector in a square’ #55 (but they keep coming, so bookmark it now!).