thinking outside the box Animals INSPIRATIONAL ART
This month we’ve chosen images very loosely on a theme of animals, picked to show off the amazing variety of styles and techniques among designers using Xara software.
Nancy Griffin (Burpee on TalkGraphics) Not sure if this really counts as an animal but I doubt we’re ever going to find a more suitable category, so animal it is. A great creative work (clearly not based on a photo!), nice spooky atmosphere and good use of textures. You can see the original post in the TalkGraphics thread here, and you can see more of Nancy’s work in the Xara Artist Gallery.
Derek Donnelly (derek.d on TalkGraphics) Derek is one of many talented cartoonists using Xara software. If you love cartoons, don’t miss our January and March 2011 editions of Inspirational Art (simply select them in the drop down menu at the top of this page) which include some additional images from Derek.
A Wrigley Andrew has posted several images in this style in TalkGraphics in the last year or so (that’s a lot of hours with a with a Wacom tablet using the freehand tool in sketch mode!) We picked our favorite, you can see the post here. And you can find more of Andrew’s amazing work in the Xara Artists Gallery.
Derek Cooper (Masque on TalkGraphics) Cuddly Pup, an illustration posted here by Derek Cooper, moderator of the Xara Art Gallery forum on TalkGraphics. Simply too cute to miss out! Derek is another exceptional artist whose work you can see in the Xara Artist Gallery.
Gary Priester There’s a butterfly in there, if you just look hard enough! This stereogram is a recent TalkGraphics post, but Gary has published several books of stereograms created in Xara Designer Pro (or older Xara versions). You can find out more about this and other work by Gary in the December 2011 Inspirational Art, which featured Gary’s work in the last month of his tenure at the Xara Xone (before passing the Xara Xone baton on to Gary Bouton).