Portraits are a popular choice among Xara artists and this selection proves, if proof is still needed, that there are as many ways to use Xtreme as there
are Xtreme owners. 
Page created with Xara Xtreme 5
James (JokeArtist on TalkGraphics)
James is a commercial artist of rare and original talent, a frequent poster on TalkGraphics. Here’s two images in very different styles that you won’t
have seen on TalkGraphics, Núria and Simon.
Tao Jones
And here’s another unique style that we love. Looks like watercolors, but it’s all done in Xtreme. This is a ‘self portrait of the artist’ by Tao Jones,
posted in TalkGraphics.  And if you like that effect you can see more work from Tao in our ‘painterly effects’ edition of Inspirational Art in April.
Newton Florentino
Harry Potter is one of a selection of great portraits displayed in Newton’s Florentino’s portfolio on graphics.com
Bob Hahn
You might have spotted former President Bush in Newton’s portfolio, so here’s an interesting opportunity to compare and contrast. Bob Hahn is well
known for his cartoons and caricatures and his work is often featured in the Outsider and on TalkGraphics. President Obama made his debut on
TalkGraphics earlier this year.
Raymond (Intbel on TalkGraphics)
Returning across the Atlantic, Raymond posted this image of Princess Diana, you can follow the thread on TalkGraphics. It meanders a little bit but if
you get past Rolf Harris you will find the xar file of her hair to download!
Risto Klint
One final master of the portrait. Risto is another instantly recognizable artist, here’s 3 for the price of 1, first shown here in TalkGraphics.
And finally from Risto,
‘Wedding Day’, another
posting from TalkGraphics
Also don’t miss his series of ‘7 shape’ faces on TalkGraphics, that we think started around about here which are a good demonstration that
‘simple’ - in terms of the number of colors and shapes that make up an image - can be very effective.