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‘People’ is a pretty broad theme, and as usual Xara artists have displayed a huge variety of styles when tackling it. Consequently we’ve been hard pressed to contain our selection, so we’ve decided to run this theme across two issues, including no less than 10 different artists. Some familiar faces, and some artists that are new to Inspirational Art.
Mohamed Elhlaly (Black Panther on TalkGraphics) You’ve certainly seen work by Mohamed before (especially if you saw our January Inspirational Art), but perhaps not anything like this. Mohamed was interested in creating a convincing image without using textures, just vector objects with transparency, fills and feathering.  You can see the thread here, which also includes his initial attempt at drawing Tom Cruise (the main actor in the Last Samurai film). And if you like that you’ll also like his Bushido, Way of the Warrior post here!
Valery Kouleshov And then there’s the photo realistic style - and here’s the perfect example!  Definitely textures in this one, indeed Valery created the image in order to experiment with a new technique with textures, and you can find out more about that in the original TalkGraphics Rainy Day thread. You can see more of Valery’s remarkable images in back issues of the Outsider (via the drop down menu at the top of this page).
Gordon MacFarlane (Tabian on TalkGraphics) Gordon MacFarlane is a newcomer to Inspirational Art with this portrait posted in this thread in TalkGraphics earlier this year, proof that you don’t have to be photo realistic to create an eye-catching and compelling image. Beautifully done.
Jay MacLennan (Jay Mc on TalkGraphics) Jay’s fairy is still a work in progress, but it’s already looking pretty good. You can see an earlier version here showing the earlier steps in constructing the image, but the one we show below is from a later thread here “I’d say about 20 more hours”.
Dave Cowles (Rock on TalkGraphics) And then there’s the cartoon style. There are many talented artists using Xara for creating cartoons or caricatures but we’ve never actually shown the work of Dave Cowles before (Rock on TalkGraphics but previously Kowulz), which is a surprise because it’s absolutely top notch!  Don’t miss the thread on TalkGraphics because it includes lots of other great examples - and it includes photos of the ‘real people’ in a few cases. And we love the unique style of the Tattoo Wearhouse.