This month our theme is 'flight' and we have some truly great art created with Xara. What's more we're showing the work of two new artists whose work we've never shown in the Outsider before, Bill Dale and Vjekoslav Ranec. This style of graphic is perfect for Xara because it's part art, part technical illustration so it’s perhaps not surprising that we just had too many choices this month. So this is the first part of a two parter on the flying theme - come back next month for more flying art and more artists! Bill Dale Here’s a superb collection of classic illustrations from Bill Dale. You won’t be surprised to hear that Bill works in Product Design, specializing in exterior and interior styling, color, graphics and illustration of aircraft. The first image presents some color scheme ideas for Bell helicopters Vjekoslav Ranec The second new artist (new to Inspirational Art) is Vjekoslav Ranec, a designer and illustrator from Croatia. We’ve chosen a selection from the artwork displayed in his gallery on - Pilatus, Flanker and Hornet. You can see more examples from Vjekoslav here. A classic cutaway drawing And finally this rescue scene gives a good idea of Bill’s distinctive design style.  We will show some more of his work next month. And some color scheme suggestions for your interior (we’ve chosen the dark grey one).