With icons on my mind (see this month’s Outsider contest) I was looking at a recent post by icon-meister Centaurus on TalkGraphics, and that set me
thinking about a space theme for this month’s art.  So with the Centaurus image as my springboard, here is a selection of Xara images that are out of
this world!
Page created with Xara Xtreme 5
Denis Sazhin (Centaurus on TalkGraphics)
Awesome, as usual.  You can follow the thread started a couple of days ago on TalkGraphics. And if you like that, then you can admire some more of
Denis’ work in the March 09 and February 08 Inspirational Art.
Simone Pampado
Simone has been using Xara software for many years and you can find a handful of his images in the Designs Gallery of Xara Xtreme, including Palle
Mare, Digital X, Sphere Light and Fusion. This is my personal favorite, Sky Blast - eagle eyed Xara owners in the UK may have spotted it in our Xtreme
advert in Imagine FX this month (Nov 09 issue, along with an interview from Simone and review of Xtreme Pro 5).
Risto Klint
Perhaps it’s a bit of a stretch to call this space, but we like it so much we’ve included it anyway!  Again this is from graphics.com, don’t miss Risto’s
Paul Söderholm
Paul was one of the featured artists on the Xara Xone in 2004 with this striking Exploding Planet image.
Emanuel Brito
Surprisingly we haven’t featured any of the work of Emanuel Brito in Inspirational Art before, but he was one of the winners in the contest to be
featured in Gary Bouton’s forthcoming Xara Xtreme Guide, and again you can find his Gallery on graphics.com. We have selected Alien Ring and
Derek Cooper
And one final accomplished Xara artist, this is Toy Planet from Derek’s portfolio on graphics.com
Here’s an image you won’t see in Xtreme though, it’s part of Simone’s gallery on graphics.com.