thinking outside the box Art Mix 4 INSPIRATIONAL ART
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This month we have images from four more artists, selected from posts in the Xara Art Gallery forum on TalkGraphics (or in the case of Maya from her portfolio on TalkGraphics). As with the last few issues we’ve picked images that show the rich variety of styles among Xara artists, from photo realistic to painterly.  
Zeb (Zebtoonz on TalkGraphics) Zeb is a freelance cartoonist who has inspired many Xara users to try their hand at cartoons.  Who knows, perhaps including a few examples of his work today will nudge a few more of you to give it a try - and it could be your cartoons that we are featuring in the coming years!  Play the movie to see the complete compilation which Zeb originally posted in this TalkGraphics thread.  You can see more examples in the Xara Gallery,  and in several of the cartoon themes in previous editions of Inspirational Art (select from the drop down at the top of this page).
Evgeny Rogachev (Evgeny on TalkGraphics) Of course cars are a favourite theme for Xara users, which makes it really difficult to choose which ones to feature! I picked this Bentley from the many great examples because it perfectly demonstrates the use of Named  Colors, and because it’s always interesting to see the wireframe, which Evgeny included in this thread in TalkGraphics.  You can see more of Evgeny’s images in the Xara Gallery - cars and gadgets are his specialty.
Mike Emerson (graphicsfactory on TalkGraphics) Here’s something very different from Mike Emerson, ‘Old Glory’, a battle worn flag first shown in this thread in TalkGraphics. You might remember his aeroplane examples from a previous Inspirational Art.
Maya Doka (Crow Haven on TalkGraphics) Here’s proof that very painterly styles are perfectly possible in Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro. We haven’t shown any work from Maya before in Inspirational Art, and she is also a first time Featured Artist in the Xara Xone this month. Don’t miss her selection, which includes a short interview with Maya as a bonus (she is indeed a painter but her digital work includes work that is more obviously vector too, as you will see in the Xara Xone selection).