We were thinking of having an animal theme in this month’s Inspirational Art, but it soon became obvious that it would be impossible to choose from
the huge range of impressive images posted by Xtreme owners in TalkGraphics and elsewhere on the web. We’ve restricted ourselves to fish, but even
so many really great examples have been left on the cutting table.  We hope you will agree the variety of styles, the imagination and skill on display is
truly inspirational.
Risto Klint
Surprisingly we haven’t featured any work from Risto since 2007, so here is a classic Risto image in his distinctive style, a great demonstration of how
it’s possible to make a seemingly ‘simple’ image very effective. Perhaps the trick is in the great use of fills. Good news for us, looks like bad news for
the mermaid.
Tao Jones
This beauiful Xtreme image from Tao Jones could equally have been featured in last month’s ‘Painterly Effects’ Inspirational Art.
Nancy Griffin (Burpee in TalkGraphics)
This is the first image we’ve featured in Inspirational Art from TalkGraphics poster Burpee. Last month Nancy offered her .xar file for these goldfish for
download in TalkGraphics - a challenge to other forum members to show the fish in their own choice of context. You can find it here.
Derek Cooper (Masque in
Derek has presented many imaginative and
distinctive images in TalkGraphics, but Fish
Fight remains one of our favorites.
You can see a more detailed view below. 
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For one final awesome fish image, fans of Valery Kouleshov might want to check out the September 08 Outsider  (fish lovers may hesitate).
Newton Florentino
We’ve started with this realist image from Newton Florentino, whose lion drawing you might remember from the September 08 issue.