thinking outside the box Art Mix 9 INSPIRATIONAL ART
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We’ve worked extra hard this month to bring you a big variety of styles and subject matter from three very different Xara designers: Bill Dale, Andrew Wrigley and Anjna Masters.  
Bill Dale Bill is a professional designer based in Texas with a focus on industrial design and illustration, specializing in the transportation industry. It’s difficult to pick a favorite from amongst the many great aircraft images, but this one definitely has the wow factor. Don’t miss his collection in the Xara Gallery  and on his website (nice site Bill, created with Xara we see).
A Wrigley Andrew is the master of photo realistic art and if you browse through back issues of Inspirational Art you’ll see some impressive examples. Just in case you are in doubt this fantastic telescope is a vector illustration (not the background) and was first posted in TalkGraphics here. You can browse through more of Andrew’s works here in the Xara Gallery.
Anjna Masters In complete contrast to the first two images, here’s an illustration from Anjna Masters to support her statement that ”there will always be enough room for something feminine, vibrant, soft, light, fluffy, charming and fun”!  Anjna was one of our favorite Outsider newcomers of last year because she has a style all of her own, which is always great to see, and it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. You can see the collection of Anjna’s work from which we picked this image in the Xara Xone Featured Artist.
That’s it for this month. If you have enjoyed these images then all Likes, Shares, +1s, re-tweets etc are most welcome.