thinking outside the box Eating & Drinking (Part 2) INSPIRATIONAL ART
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As promised, here is Part 2 of our Inspirational Art very loosely based on an Easting & Drinking theme, featuring work from six more Xara artists - Penny O’Rorke, Robert Taylor, Javier Vila, Paul Saumure, Jay McLennon and Rik Datta. One theme but a great variety of styles, and you can see more in Part 1 in the February edition (select it via the drop down menu above).
Penny O'Rorke “It started as a doodle and ended thus” said Penny O’Rorke when she posted this image, Fishy Plate, in TalkGraphics.  It might seem quite simple on the face of it, but as with all Penny’s work it’s a great composition and use of colors.
Robert Taylor (iamtheblues on TalkGraphics) Bob is an Englishman living in Spain and he was pondering what he missed about England in this Missing You ... thread on TalkGraphics. Well, it couldn’t be the weather (snowing in London as I write this). Nope, here’s the answer, Marstons Pedigree Ale and mature cheddar cheese. I think you can see the love in this classy vector drawing!
Javier Vila (jvila on TalkGraphics) A quick browse thru TalkGraphics provides the perfect combination for the beer and cheese, another great vector drawing from Javier Vila.  You can see more of Javier’s work in the Xara Artist Gallery on
Paul Saumure A Little Morning pick me up also comes from TalkGraphics.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate - it’s in the eye of the beholder apparently, but no doubt about the quality of this illustration. 
Jay McLennon (JayMc on TalkGraphics) And for something quite different, JayMc’s I love Bacon. We love Jay’s distinctive style - you can see a couple more examples in the March 2011 Inspirational Art on a cartoon theme
Rik Datta (Rik on TalkGraphics) According to his post on TalkGraphics, Rik (like many Xara users) was inspired by an image created by Gary Bouton, in this instance a popcorn box. He decided to try his hand at it -  and we think he did pretty well!  You can see more of Rik’s work in his selection in the Xara Gallery on