Here we are with the promised part 2 of our Cartoon Theme (Part 1 was in January 2011), with a completely different set of artists and some very different styles.  What’s more you can also visit this month’s Xara Xone Featured Artist where you will find more cartoon work by Zeb and Paul Söderholm (whose work I featured In January) and Dave Cockburn (whose work I would have featured this month if Gary hadn’t beaten me to it!).   Jay McLennon (Jay Mc on TalkGraphics) Jay posted this in TalkGraphics last November - apparently it’s a “work in progress” but it already looks good to us. Jay, from Australia, created the dollar bill way back in 2006 and if you imagine it took a lot of patience you’d be right since he says “6782 objects were used, most went to the leaves”.  He also says “I hope the US treasury don't lock me up for forgery”. We go along with that! Ashraf Kamel (Lordashraf on TalkGraphics)  I see we haven’t shown any work by Ashraf before.  So here for starters is one of several from this TalkGraphics post, a street scene from his home town (Ashraf lives in Eygpt), that was actually created for an electricity company to show how a new lighting scheme would work. The second one ‘Summer in Alexandria’ comes from his collection on Flickr which you can see here. Sketched and then traced and colored in Xara. Leo Gonçalves You can find some great work from Leo Gonçalves (from Brazil) in the Xara Gallery on, but here are two images, Thor & Hulk, which aren’t shown in the Gallery (they come from TalkGraphics). Leo also shared this Featured Artist slot with Paul Söderholm in the Xara Xone. Petr Jansa (Suvek on TalkGraphics) Surprisingly we haven’t shown any work by Suvek before either (from the Czech Republic, the Xara user base is nothing if not multi-national!).  Choosing from many great examples on TalkGraphics here is Another Boring Lovesong and Armed. Derek Cooper (Masque on TalkGraphics) I wasn’t intending to show more than 4 artists, but here’s a bonus. Derek Cooper’s winning entry from last year’s contest to have an image printed in Gary Bouton’s Guide to Xara Xtreme.  Golfist.  It’s a classic!