Last month’s Inspirational Art had a drinks theme, so it seemed natural to move on to food this month. But I was also prompted by news from Luca Pennisi that his work would be featured in the Italian publication Computer Grafica this month - Italian customers can pick up a copy and follow Luca’s tutorial on creating the grapes image shown below. The rest of us must just admire the work!  Both artists excel at capturing the quirky details to perfection - the strange translucent quality of the grape skins, the papery texture of the onion and garlic skins. Page created with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 6 Luca Pennisi (Lupen on TalkGraphics) These two images have recently been shown on TalkGraphics, you can follow the threads or add your comments and questions for Grapes and Splashes (with tomatoes).  Derek Cooper (Masque on TalkGraphics) Derek is a regular in Inspirational Art and of course winner of the contest to have his work featured in Gary Bouton’s Xara Xtreme Guide.  Here are two classic images, both created using a Wacom tablet and both recently displayed in TalkGraphics. You can follow or join in the threads for onion (carries a high pun content warning!) and garlic.