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We like to bring you a variety of styles in Inspirational Art and it always surprises us how easy that is.  Here are three different artists (from Siberia, the
US and a Brazilian based in North America) working in three very different styles but with talent, the subject of Birds and Xara Xtreme in common.
Vladimyr Savvateew
It’s been a long while since we have shown any of work by Vladimyr Savvateew, but the bird theme gives us the perfect excuse to show this awesome
example of both imagination and skill called Crystal Bird. Yes, it looks like something created in a painting program but it is indeed a vector drawing,
taking full advantage of Xara’s speed.
Vladimyr creates front covers for fantasy books. Those of you who enjoy fantasy artwork in this style will not want to miss his collection at
Nancy Griffin (Burpee in TalkGraphics)
And for something completely different, Hummingbird and Hibiscus by Nancy Griffin, proving that an apparently ‘simple’ style can be effective too. You
can see several variations on this image and the accompanying discussion in this TalkGraphics thread.
Newton Florentino
And finally here are two beautiful birds (the red head bird and the blue head bird) and a dramatic Eagle & Flag from Newton Florentino. Newton is a
professional artist working in oil and acrylic, but you can check out his digital art created with Xtreme Pro in another one of the Xara Albums at