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Working on the Christmas issue last month I spotted some great Christmas themed icons, and decided it would be a good idea to give icons their own issue. Admittedly some of these examples might stretch the definition a little bit (being larger than the icon size of 48 pixels) but I don't think anyone will be counting the pixels, and hopefully you'll simply admire the great illustration skills of Davey Montooth and Denis Sazhin. Coincidentally, Gary Bouton is giving away 25 icons in the Free Stuff section of the Xara Xone month, where you can find lots of other goodies for free!
Davey Montooth (Graphicsbag on TalkGraphics) This was the TalkGraphics post that caught my eye and turned my thoughts to an icons theme. We haven't shown the work of Davey Montooth from Florida before, but we think he's really got the measure of this. It is a special skill to create clear, recognizable and characterful images at this small size.
Denis Sazhin (Centaurus on TalkGraphics) Davey is not the only one to create some Christmas themed icons. Denis is a professional illustrator and icon developer based in Russia and we've featured some of this work before, including some icons (March 09) and his brilliant Cats in Trees (Feb 08). But he has also turned his hand to Christmas with Ho Ho Ho, shown in this TalkGraphics post (not quite sure if Denis meant these particular ones to be icons, but he's certainly got a lot into a small space!)
And here are several other examples in his Featured Art selection on the Xara Xone, as a bonus there's a movie on YouTube that shows Denis working on one of these plus 4 other Christmas icons here.
Well this isn't actually a Christmas issue and I don't want to leave you feeling sad that the season is over, so here's another example from Denis that we think you will enjoy, Social Treats, from this post in TalkGraphics.
And finally we're going to include Magic Weather Icons, from this TalkGraphics post, because Denis has also created a movie for this one that you won't want to miss, showing the process from start to finish. You can find his speed drawing of Thunderstorm here.
valuable to watch whether you are thinking of producing icons or not. And if you like that you will also enjoy his earlier movies, which you can find more on YouTube:   Happy Squirrel, With Love for Details, Icon Drawing Process (An Icon in 4 Minutes, includes a short intro in Russian).