The many drawings of cars created with Xara Xtreme are famous, so in the interests of fairness we thought it was time to put motorbikes in the
limelight. Here is a small selection of a wide range of super-quality illustrations from a variety of artists. Our apologies to the creators of many equally
impressive bike illustrations that we don’t have room to show in this issue.
John Logan
This drawing of a 1500 Honda Goldwing Tryke was posted by John Logan in TalkGraphics back in 2004. You can follow the thread, which includes a
wireframe. Like many other Xara artists, John was inspired by the art of Ron Duke, whose car art we have featured before.
A 1969 Norton Commando by Graham Ward, whose GeeBee image you might remember from the July 2008 Inspirational Art.
Detlev Birkholz
We haven’t shown any work by Detlev before, but you can see a selection of his images in his gallery on
Raymond (Intbel on TalkGraphics)
A Honda ‘Gold Bling’, perhaps not a name you’ll find in their catalog. You can follow the thread in TalkGraphics, which also includes the wireframe.
A Wrigley
This trail bike was the first post by TalkGraphics newcomer Andrew Wrigley in 2009.
Javier Vila
It’s worth following the thread on TalkGraphics, which includes some close up details and a helpful tutorial from Javier on how he created the tires (or
indeed the tyres if you’re British).
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