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Apologies to everyone whose New Year resolutions included a diet, because this is Part 1 of a two part theme rather loosely connected to eating and drinking. In Part 1 we’ve included several photo realistic images from Luca Pennisi, a beautiful trio of pears from Derek Cooper in a more painterly style, and a classic stereogram from Gary Priester.
Luca Pennisi (lupen on TalkGraphics) Luca was playing with us here. Two of the cherries are the original photo and two of them are drawings! 
Gary Priester Couldn’t resist this classic stereogram from the master of stereograms, Gary Priester.  You can follow the Happy Cereal TalkGraphics thread, though it carries a pun warning (“Is it a one off, or will it be a serial?”).  You can also find a stereogram themed Inspirational Art in the drop down at the top of this page (December 2007) with some more examples from Gary.
Derek Cooper As usual Derek has contributed a beautiful illustration to the TalkGraphics Art Gallery forum, in this thread.
And  just to clarify which is which, here is the wireframe view.  You can see the post in TalkGraphics here. 
Lupen also contributed this study in metal reflections, you can find the TalkGraphics discussion here
and this fantastic coffee set – if you follow the thread you can see a textured version from RUSS-USSR and a discussion among perfectionists on the shadows. You can see more of his work in the Xara Gallery @
You can also see more of Derek’s work in the Xara Gallery @ and in his Featured Artist selection in The Xara Xone.