thinking outside the box Father Christmas INSPIRATIONAL ART
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It’s the December, so Father Christmas takes his rightful place center stage.  5 Xara artists have 5 very different ideas on the matter!
Denis Sazhin (Centaurus on TalkGraphics). A classic image from Denis called Christmas Shooting (and it’s one of several that he offers for free download on his website).  Sticking with the theme, don’t miss the speed movie on YouTube showing Denis working on some Father Christmas icons here.
Bob Hahn An old contribution on TalkGraphics by Bob Hahn, but still a good one! You can see the original thread here.
Paul Soderholm (Gnurf on TalkGraphics) We love his cartoons (especially the ducks), but Paul does some great stereograms too, and here’s one that’s perfect for the season. Stereo Santas comes from a Featured Artist on the Xara Xone that includes the work of 3 designers creating stereograms, you can see the Featured Artist here.
Rik Datta Somewhat amazingly this is based on the scribble in the December 2012 scribble challenge, and it was Rik’s contribution to last year’s Merry Christmas thread on TalkGraphics here.
Davey Montooth (graphicsbag on TalkGraphics) We featured Davey’s work for the first time this year (see January 2013 icons) and he kindly sent us this image afterwards. We hope this isn’t the Father Christmas delivering your presents this year, he’s definitely mislaid his Ho Ho Ho!