thinking outside the box Christmas INSPIRATIONAL ART
The Christmas theme is a rich source of irresistible images and there are always plenty of Xara artists trying to capture the spirit of the season, as well as demonstrating their illustration skills. We have chosen a selection from TalkGraphics and elsewhere to help you get into the holiday mood from 7 different artists (3 of them new to Inspirational Art) based in 6 different countries.  If this isn’t enough of a Christmas fix, check out the Xara Xone Christmas tree which has been trimmed with the help of of the TalkGraphics Xara Xone forum members (too late to add yours this year I believe, but it’s never too early to start on your 2013 contribution). And on a TalkGraphics note, we have added this extra Father Christmas image from the late Bill Taylor. He won’t be joining us in person in 2013 but his 19,000+ posts will remain as a lasting reminder of his valued contribution to the TalkGraphics community.  
Miguel Boto (MEB on TalkGraphics) We haven’t shown any work by Miguel (in Portugal) before, but he recently posted this sparkling image in the December 2012 Stop & Post (and if anyone is still working on anything other than the Christmas shopping, it’s not too late to post your work in progress!). 
Rik Datta (Rik on TalkGraphics) Rik from London (England) is also new to Inspirational Art but you can see some more of his work in the Xara Gallery. This was posted in TalkGraphics  and just missed our 2012 Christmas Inspirational Art, so Rik has kindly updated it for us! 
Paul Saumure Paul (from California) posted this beautiful Christmas image in this thread last Christmas, also too late for last year’s Christmas round up. We think he’s done a great job of capturing the Christmastide atmosphere. You can see more of his work in this selection as a Xara Xone Featured Artist. 
Zebtoonz Zeb (USA) is the master of cartoons and we have shown his work many times before, this one comes from a 2010 Christmas Holiday Group Show in the Xara Xone.  You’ll find more of his work if you browse thru back issues of Inspirational Art (via the drop down menu at the top of this page) and also in the Xara Gallery.
Bob Hahn Bob Hahn (Canada) is another familiar name to those of you who admire the art of cartooning. You can see more of his work in the Xara Gallery, this particular image comes from TalkGraphics, featuring his pets Rosie and Boss.
Paul Söderholm (gnurf in TalkGraphics) A classic duck from Paul, in Finland - they presumably know I thing or two about Father Christmas hats up there in the far north. And snow.  Paul has a strong line in ducks, this one comes from a 2008 post in TalkGraphics.
Marcia Broekarts (MarciaB in TalkGraphics) OK, not strictly a Christmas image but a beautiful evocation of the season (for those of us in the north). We haven’t shown any work from Marcia (in Holland) before, this one was taken from another Holiday Group Show in the Xara Xone.
Bill Taylor (Soquili)  1949-2012
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