Gary is retiring from The Xara Xone this month after no less than 15 years. In other words his first Xara tutorials were created way back in 1996 when the web itself could still reasonably be called ‘new’!  Featured Artists were added in 1999, so by my reckoning Gary has added some 130+ Featured Artists and 160+ tutorials. And that’s not to mention workbooks, guest tutorials, tips & tricks, shareware and much more. That’s an amazing resource and during that time many of you have taken the time to let us know how his content has inspired, instructed and encouraged you. It will all remain on the Xara Xone (in the section called Archive) so if you haven’t yet visited we encourage you to plunge in - even if you consider yourself an expert there’s plenty to be discovered. Don’t miss the June Featured Artist on the Xara Xone, which is Gary’s pick of art from his own tutorials (with links to the associated tutorials), and you can see more of his work in the Xara Gallery, his gallery at and his stereogram website. With so many images to choose from for this Inspirational Art, we decided it was best to ask Gary to make his own selection - and he came up with a set of images most of which haven’t been shown in any of the above!  I have grouped them rather loosely as illustration for the joy of illustration, corporate logos and stereograms. They represent the range of styles that Gary has created using Xara software over the years, including Xara3D (the Kelleher Lumber logo which represents 3 pieces of molding that the company manufacture) and Xara Xtreme/Designer. As you would expect eyeballs feature, and so do stereograms (warning on the Partitions stereogram, this is what’s called an Object Array stereogram - there is no hidden image but when viewed as a stereogram it has depth). Birth of the Mesas III Birth of the Mesas Paperclip Golden Pocket Watch La Puerta Logo Kelleher Logo Idea Canela Logo Idea Paul Kohlman Logo Partitions Stereogram Rubber Duckie Stereogram