I’m amazed to find that we’ve never featured any camera artwork in Inspirational Art before because, like cars and watches, it seems to offer an irresistible challenge to Xara artists. So here’s our selection of some of the best camera art, old and new. Some of them might leave you wondering .. who needs a camera! Mohamed Elhaly (Black Panther on TalkGraphics) New artists have taken up the camera challenge in the last couple of years.  Here’s a great example from Mohamed that was posted in TalkGraphics. The first includes a wireframe and - thanks to the Named Colors feature of Designer - you can easily ponder your color options.  You can see the thread in TalkGraphics. Evgeny Rogachev Evgeny is another relative newcomer who has mastered the technical skills required to excel at these photo realistic images. You can see more from both Mohamed and Evgeny in our March 2010 Inspirational Art  and in the Xara Gallery. Evgeny posted both of these images this year, you can follow the handycam thread here, and you can find the thread with this classic camera here. Trevor Shaw The original classic, included in the Designs Gallery of Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro, and before that Xara Xtreme from the earliest days. It was created for one of our early design contests, and the artist is Trevor Shaw. Simone Pampado Here’s another early image, but one you won’t have seen before, from Simone Pampado. Electronic gadgets usually bring out the best in the photo- realistic masters, but Simone is the most creative and original of artists and he finds scope for his imagination even with a camera (nothing wrong with his technical skills either!). You can see more of Simone’s art in the Xara Gallery.