This month we thought we’d showcase some of the latest commercial work by Miroslav Hristov  (minimiro on TalkGraphics), designer of the Xara
Xtreme splash screens and packaging.
One of the things that makes Xara Xtreme special is its strength as a tool for creating work that smoothly combines text, photo processing and
illustration into one single creative work. So instead of using two or three three separate applications (such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator), you
can use a single, totally integrated single program for doing it all - far more productive, but also a lot more cost effective. And that's on top of the
simpler UI and much, much faster performance of Xara software compared to the Adobe equivalents!
Miroslav has made the most of it, as illustrated (if you will excuse the pun) by these examples, from calendars and packaging to posters and car art.
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