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We’ve taken a break from Inspirational Art in the last few months while we were working on the v9 launches, so we thought it would be a good idea to simply show a selection of some of the great work that has been posted in the TalkGraphics Art Gallery forum during that time. No theme as such this month, rather an illustration of the amazing differences in style and creativity that we see among Xara users - though perhaps one thing they have in common is the WOW factor!  We hope you will be inspired to visit the Art Gallery forum and, even better, post your own work! You can see more work from all of these artists in the TalkGraphics forum, and all except Inspirational Art newcomer Fedor Erofeev in the Xara Artist Gallery on the Xara site.
Vjekoslav Ranec (0Viking0 on TalkGraphics) Here’s a top notch illustration of a couple of Tomcats in the Iranian Air Force (strange but true) by Vjekoslav Ranec, intended for a Croatian aviation magazine. You can follow the thread in TalkGraphics here.
Rik Datta (Rik on TalkGraphics) Rik posted this image for the interest of the mathematicians on TalkGraphics. Apparently there are quite a few of them, see if you can keep up with the figures in Rik’s thread here.  We can’t comment on the maths, but we like the illustration!
Derek Cooper (Masque on TalkGraphics) As usual Derek has come up with something wonderfully different and beautifully drawn, intended for washing powder packaging. You can follow the thread and see a few variations on this image - sheep or no sheep, that is the question - in TalkGraphics here.
Graham Ward (Gray on TalkGraphics) Graham has posted several great plane illustrations in the last few months and it was a difficult business just picking one to show, but in the end we opted for this beautiful image of Supermarine Spitfires - all vector artwork in the planes, a mixture of vector and bitmaps in the background.  There are some close ups in the thread.
Fedor Erofeev (LogoMount on TalkGraphics) It’s been great to see some photo compositions being posted recently. We love the color, imagination and composition in this work posted by a relative newcomer on TalkGraphics, Fedor Erofeev from Russia, this is his first showing in Inspirational Art. You can join the thread here.
Denis Sazhin (Centaurus on TalkGraphics) The master of icon design has not let us down, we loved this collection of cats. Some disagreement in the thread on the important question of what name to give each cat, feel free to add your thoughts, but of course the triumph is managing to pack the characterization into such a small space. You can get an insight into how Denis creates his icons in his recent speed drawing movie on YouTube.
Ron Duke No selection of Xara art would be complete without a car and, as is often the case, Ron Duke has provided some great examples in the last few months, from which we picked this beautiful 1946 Chevrolet Stylemaster, from this thread.