thinking outside the box Planes & Helicopters INSPIRATIONAL ART
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A recent post on TalkGraphics by A Wrigley set me thinking that it was time to show some aeroplane and helicopter art again (two years since the last one!) Indeed there are so many great images on this theme that I’m going to make it a two-parter, so if you enjoy these images make a note to check back next month.
A Wrigley It was Andrew Wrigley’s recent Helicopter post in TalkGraphics that set me on the flight path for this month’s theme, but there were plenty of other excellent images from Andrew to choose from. I picked Mustang and Pilot, and I’ve included the wireframes where Andrew showed them in the post, to give you some idea of the level of detail involved.
Vjekoslav Ranec For something a bit different I picked these posters from Vjekoslav’s selection on You can see more of his work in the Xara Gallery.
Bill Dale And finally here’s a classic poster by Bill Dale, just to remind everyone that photo realism isn’t the only way to create impressive and eye catching work, even if this theme seems to encourage it! You can see more of Bill’s work in our last Plane themed Inspirational Art.