When Paul Saumure posted the image below on TalkGraphics last month, it gave me the idea of making Musical Instruments a theme for Inspirational Art. And as usual it didn’t take me long to find some great images in a variety of styles that reflect the diversity of the Xara community. Paul Saumure (Psaumure on TalkGraphics) We haven’t featured anything from Paul Saumure before, so this image from TalkGraphics seems like a very good place to start.  You can follow the thread here, and you can also see more of Paul’s work and learn a little bit about his background on the Xara Xone, because he is this month’s Featured Artist. Mohamed Elhaly (Black Panther on TalkGraphics) Paul was generous in his thanks to Black Panther for the help he has provided, so that seems like a very good reason to include one of Black Panther’s images too, Desert Guitar.  This was also first displayed in TalkGraphics, you can see the thread here and you can see more of Mohamed’s work in the Xara Gallery. Steve Johnson (SJUKMidlands on TalkGraphics) Here’s another new name in Inspirational Art. Steve (a commercial designer based in the UK) has also tackled the violin, and in fact started this image over 13 years ago and still calls it a work in progress! You can follow the thread in TalkGraphics. Gary Bouton Well I think you all know who Gary Bouton is, author of the Xara Xtreme Guide and, co-incidentally, this month’s featured movie. And here’s an image called ‘Flaying V’ that’s typical of Gary’s individual style, of which you can see more in his collection in the Gallery of graphics.com. Ron Duke It’s been a while since we have shown anything by Ron Duke, which might be because I don’t feel I can yet return to car images of which Ron is the master (see his Xara Gallery and you can browse thru earlier car themed Outsider Art via the drop down menu at the top of this page).  But here is proof that he can turn his hand to other themes with equal success, you can find the ‘Standing Harmoniously’ post in TalkGraphics here, and there’s some interesting variations on the violin and the addition of some dreadful puns in the original post back in 2007. Derek Donnelly (derek.d on TalkGraphics) Let’s end with a smile. You can follow the original thread in this post from Derek in TalkGraphics, and you can see more of Derek’s cartoons in Part 1 of our Cartoons 2-parter in the January Outsider Art.