The car art created by artists using Xara Xtreme is justly famous, to the extent that it has become something of a yardstick for lesser drawing programs
- they seem to measure themselves on ‘can we draw a car as well as Xara using our software’. Of course a lot is down to the skill of the artist, but
these new examples show that Xara Xtreme remains the best drawing tool out there for creating artwork of this particular genre.
If you enjoy these examples, then you may wish to browse through back issues of The Outsider, in particular check out the work of Ron Duke. However
in this issue we are featuring the images of 5 artists whose work has not been included in Inspirational Art before. In particular they make the most of
Xtreme’s tools for creating reflections in the bodywork and chrome, and the Linked Colors feature.
Page created with Xara Xtreme 5
D.A.S. is in his own words ‘an amateur from Hungary’. Nothing amateur in the art, you can follow the TalkGraphics thread here.
Black Panther
Black Panther (Austria, we are very multi-national this month) posted this image earlier this month. 479 objects on 28 layers but he’s another self
critical artist, just not happy with the tires. You can follow the TalkGraphics thread here.
A Wrigley
This image was posted in TalkGraphics just a few days ago, here.  English artist A Wrigley is disappointed, no-one is agreeing.
Leon Gonçalves
Like the other 4 artists show below, Brazilian illustrator Leon Gonçalves has displayed this work in the TalkGraphics Gallery. You can follow the thread
here. You can find more art from Leon in the Xara Xone.
Javier (from Uruguay) is another master of
reflections and has also made good use of the
Linked Colors features.
You can follow the TalkGraphics thread here and
you can also find more of Javier’s art in the Xara