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Flowers are as popular as ever among Xara artists so I feel justified in returning to this theme. This time I’ve limited myself to one work each from six very different artists, the first three new to Inspirational Art. All the images have been selected from the TalkGraphics Art Gallery forum or Xara Xone Featured Artist so if you are creating work that you are proud of then don’t be shy, share it with the Xara community via TalkGraphics or Xara Xone! And don’t forget you can see more Xara work in the galleries on and, and of course back issues of Inspirational Art via the drop down menu at the top of this page.
Alan Horwell (alanti on TalkGraphics) ‘Wild Flower’ is something Alan found “while cleaning out the archives” according to this TalkGraphics post, where you can find a few variations of the image. We’d encourage him to do some more cleaning out!
Frances Proctor (Angelise on TalkGraphics) ‘Crocosmia in bloom’ is a joyful post from hard working TalkGraphics moderator Frances, in this recent TalkGraphics thread.   
Penny O’Rorke We couldn’t quite decide whether to put this in February’s glass theme or this month’s flower theme, but either way it’s a lovely composition, great use of color, persuasively glassy and a distinctly different take on the ever popular flowers theme. You can follow the original ‘glass decoration’ TalkGraphics thread here. 
Derek Cooper (Masque in TalkGraphics) Brilliant as ever, this is ‘rose in a vase’ and you can find a second version of the same image in Derek’s original TalkGraphics post - “grungy old rose in a grungy vase” is his description.  Derek was also the most recent Featured Artist on the Xara Xone.
Nancy Griffin (Burpee on TalkGraphics) ‘Poppy Field’ was part of a 2009 Holiday Group Show on the Xara Xone (35 images in total from many different artists, take a look). You can see more of Nancy’s work in the Xara Gallery and as Featured Artist on the Xara Xone.
Tim Seward (TimS on TalkGraphics) A classic in Tim’s uniquely elegant style, ‘Vase with Pink Flowers’ from a TalkGraphics post a couple of month’s ago. You can see more of Tim’s spare but beautiful work in the Xara Gallery and his showcase on