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Erasing Backgrounds and Combining Photos
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Open up Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and then drag a photo onto the page. With today's digital cameras your photo is probably going to be quite large so select to import it in a reduced size.


Many photos like this chocolate example are on a plain background, which you may want to erase, so the objects can be placed on a different background. 1. Use the Eraser tool to roughly paint over the background parts of the picture that you want to erase. Be careful not to paint on any of the foreground that you want to keep. Tip: You can select the size of your brush in the tool options on the top InfoBar or you can use zoom instead (Ctrl+Wheel) to vary the relative size of the brush Tip: If you make a mistake hold Shift to un-paint the mistake. Because there is a high contrast between background and foreground you just need to erase a few of the white areas to tell the program what the background is. 2. Select the Mask Painter tool and paint over some of the parts of the foreground you want to keep whilst trying not to mask over any background area. Tip: Be sure to cover the various different shades of color in the foreground. If the foreground is all a similar color then you only need to cover part of it with the mask. The two marked parts - erased some of the background and masked some of the foreground. 3. Select the Eraser tool again and then click on 'Erase background' on the top InfoBar. Your photo is now on a transparent background. 4. If you wish to add a color to the background, put your mouse pointer on the background and right-click, then select 'Page background' and 'Edit page color'. Click on the color of your choice. By changing the page color you can test the result on different backgrounds. Tip: If it didn't work as well as you hoped, or you made an error, just click Undo, and you'll get the erased and masked areas back - then just repeat the above steps to try erasing or masking another area.
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 Select the size of your brush  Eraser tool